• How to improve the level of the reducer?


    Do you understand the reducer? Today, I will talk about the requirements of the pressure test of the reducer: 1. Rotor winding: In the handover test, take 1.5 times the rated voltage for the irreversi...

  • How to install the cycloid reducer?


    Installation process device of cycloid pinwheel worm gear reducer:    1. When the reducer is calibrated, it can be carried out with steel spacers or cast iron spacers. The height of the spacers is not...

  • Working principle of continuously variable transmission


    There is no specific gear position, and the operation is similar to an automatic gearbox, but the change in speed ratio is different from the automatic gearbox skipping process, but is continuous, so ...

  • The detailed structure of the three-phase asynchronous motor


    The three-phase asynchronous motor is composed of two basic parts: a fixed stator and a rotating rotor. The rotor is installed in the inner cavity of the stator and supported on two end covers with th...

  • The working principle of three-phase asynchronous motor


    Three-phase asynchronous motor (Triple-phase asynchronous motor) is a type of induction motor. It is a type of motor powered by 380V three-phase alternating current (phase difference 120 degrees) at t...

  • How to solve the problem of hot when the cycloid pinwheel reducer is running


    The cycloidal pinwheel reducer becomes hot during operation, which is a very serious problem. After a period of operation, due to overload, overspeed operation, improper use, the parts of the cycloida...

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