• Which lubricants are used for various types of reducers


    Reducer with lubricating oil 1. The horizontal cycloid reducer adopts oil pool lubrication under normal conditions, and the oil level can be kept in the middle of the oil window. When the working cond...

  • A brief overview of the reducer and its role


    The reducer is a dynamic conveying mechanism. By adopting a gear reducer, the motor can achieve the required number of decelerations and obtain a larger torque. At present, the application range of th...

  • Gear reducer coupling


    Under what circumstances do I need to use a coupling? How to choose and install it? There are many optional types of couplings used in the reducer, but it is best not to use rigid fixed couplings, whi...

  • How to use helical gear hardened gear reducer


    1. NRV reducer is a novel transmission device that applies the principle of planetary transmission and adopts the meshing of cycloidal pin teeth. In the gear box, bearing box, thread seal, mechanical ...

  • Type selection of reducer type selection of cycloid reducer


    The three most important factors to choose a reducer are power, speed ratio, and torque. In addition to these three important factors, the following factors must also be considered. The right and wron...

  • Attention items for reducer maintenance


    (1) During the transportation, assembly, disassembly, operation and maintenance of the turbo reducer, all insurance and environmental related systems must be implemented. (2) The operation, maintenanc...

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