Why does the joint surface of the planetary reducer box leak oil?

Summary:As an important transmission equipment widely used in the industry, once the planetary reducer leaks...
As an important transmission equipment widely used in the industry, once the planetary reducer leaks oil, it will not only cause economic losses, but also cause the reducer to lack oil and cut off oil in severe cases, aggravate the wear of the gear meshing surface, and then lead to galling or even breakage, resulting in equipment accidents. . So what is the reason for the oil leakage on the joint surface of the planetary reducer box? How should we deal with these issues?
The reducer plays the role of matching different speeds and transmission torques between the prime mover and the working machine or the actuator. The reducer is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase a torque.

The main reasons for the oil leakage of the joint surface of the planetary reducer are as follows:
1. The amount of fuel in the reduction box: The staff refuels according to the fuel standard, the more the better, resulting in too much fuel, resulting in oil leakage from the surface of the joint.
2. Oil leakage from the peephole cover: When the gasket is aged or severely worn, it will lead to poor sealing effect and oil leakage if it is not sealed or tightened tightly.
3. The roughness requirements for processing are not enough. Sealing of the cap ends of the mating surfaces and the end cap holes is caused by bumps or debris as well.
How to deal with the oil leakage problem of the joint surface of the planetary reducer box?
1. When refueling, add it to the position indicated on the oil label.
2. Add or replace spacers and match the fixing bolts.
3. Use alcohol or acetone to clean and trim the joint surface of the equipment, and a gasket is required.

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