Which are more efficient in transforming motion: gears, chains, or belts


Gears, Belts and Chain are some of the transmission ele […]

Gears, Belts and Chain are some of the transmission elements used for transmitting power to the required part. Based on the requirement of the application and economic, the designer will choose the transmission needed

Belts: Belts are efficient in transmitting power. But maximium wear is possible and belt slip may prevail in case of maximum power transmission. Used in conveyors

Chain: Chains provide greater timing and power transmission in case of medium power transmission. It has sound operation and wear is more. Used in passenger vehicle transmission in operating camshaft, alternator from crankshaft. It is now used in Continuously Variable Transmission systems.

Gears: Gears are the most effective and efficient transmission with reduced wear and tear if sufficient lubrication is available. It has nearly 100% efficiency in some cases. It is used in speed reduction systems especially in gearbox in case of manual transmission.

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