What is the function of planetary gear reducer?

Summary:Planetary gear reducer is a common deceleration equipment. The main drive structure is assembled by ...
Planetary gear reducer is a common deceleration equipment. The main drive structure is assembled by planetary gearbox and drive motor, also known as planetary reducer and gear reducer; the main structure of planetary gearbox is composed of planetary gear, sun gear, internal gear Circle, planet carrier composition. The drive motor can use DC motor, stepper motor, hollow cup motor, and electric motor as the driving source. The planetary gear reducer is mainly used to reduce the speed, increase the torque and reduce the load/motor inertia ratio. The following describes the planetary reducer in detail. effect.
Planetary gear reducer function:
1. Change the output speed (deceleration, increase or speed change) of the power machine to suit the work needs of the working mechanism;
2. Change the torque output by the power machine to meet the requirements of the working mechanism;
3. Transform the motion form output by the power machine into the motion form required by the working mechanism (such as changing the rotary motion to linear motion, or vice versa).
4. Transfer the mechanical energy of one power machine to several working mechanisms, or transfer the mechanical energy of several power machines to one working mechanism.
5. Other special functions, such as the use of mechanical reducer devices that are beneficial to the assembly, installation, maintenance and safety of the machine. The reducer is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. It has a wide variety of different models, and different types have different classifications of uses.
Planetary gear reducer application:
Planetary gear reducers are widely used in consumer digital products, intelligent robot drives, 5G communication equipment, smart logistics, smart cities, smart cars, printing machine tools, flame cutting, laser cutting, CNC machine tools, tool machinery, food packaging, automation industry, aviation Equipment, semiconductor equipment, robots, manipulators, communication equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, printing equipment, packaging machinery, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, CNC pipe bending machines, parking equipment, measuring equipment, machine tools, precision monitoring systems, vehicle industry, automatic control systems, etc.

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