What is the difference between planetary reducer, RV reducer and harmonic reducer

Summary:Planetary reducer is an industrial product as well as a transmission mechanism. Its structure is tig...

Planetary reducer is an industrial product as well as a transmission mechanism. Its structure is tightly combined with the gearbox shell by an internal gear ring. It has different working principles and different transmission methods from RV reducers and harmonic reducers. The industry is also different.
1. planetary reducer
The planetary reducer is an industrial product. The planetary reducer is a transmission mechanism. Its structure is tightly combined with an inner gear ring on the gearbox housing. The center of the ring gear has a sun gear driven by external power. Between the two, there is a planetary gear set composed of three gears equally divided and combined on a tray. The planetary gears float during the period by relying on the output shaft, internal gear ring and sun gear support; when the input side power drives the sun gear, The planetary gear can be driven to rotate and revolve along the center following the trajectory of the inner gear ring. The rotation of the planet drives the output shaft connected to the tray to output power. A mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the required number of revolutions and obtain a larger torque. In the reducer mechanism used to transmit power and motion, the planetary reducer is a precision reducer. The reduction ratio can be accurate to 0.1 rpm -0.5 rpm.

2.RV reducer
RV transmission is a new type of transmission. It is developed on the basis of traditional pin-vibration planetary transmission. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of general pin-vibration transmission, but also because of its small size, light weight, large transmission ratio range, and longevity. It has a series of advantages such as long, stable accuracy, high efficiency, and stable transmission. It has received widespread attention at home and abroad. The RV reducer is composed of a cycloidal pin wheel and a planetary support. With its small size, strong impact resistance, large torque, high positioning accuracy, low vibration, large reduction ratio and many other advantages, it is widely used in industrial robots, machine tools, and medical testing. Equipment, satellite receiving system and other fields. Compared with the harmonic drive commonly used in robots, it has much higher fatigue strength, stiffness and life, and the accuracy of the return difference is stable. Unlike the harmonic drive, the motion accuracy will be significantly reduced as the use time increases, so many countries in the world High-precision robot transmissions mostly use RV reducers. Therefore, this type of RV reducer has a trend of gradually replacing harmonic reducers in advanced robot transmissions.
3.harmonic reducer
The harmonic reducer is mainly composed of three basic components: a wave generator, a flexible gear and a rigid gear. The harmonic drive reducer is a wave generator that makes the flexible gear produce controllable elastic deformation and meshes with the rigid gear. Gear transmission that transmits movement and power. Planetary reducers, RV reducers, and harmonic reducers have different working principles, different transmission modes, and different application industries.

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