What harm will the serious wear of the gear reducer cause?

Summary:What harm will the serious wear of the gear reducer cause? Gear reducers are generally used for moto...
What harm will the serious wear of the gear reducer cause?
Gear reducers are generally used for motor equipment with low speed ratio and large torque. The general motor reducer will also have several groups of transmission gears with the same basic principle to achieve the ideal actual effect of speed reduction. The ratio of the number of teeth of the transmission gear, is the reduction ratio. With the continuous development trend of the reducer field, more and more company applications come to the reducer. However, there will be failures in the whole process of application. The following will introduce these failures to everyone. You must pay attention to them.
1. Faster wear speed: Due to the hazards of the processing, assembly and adjustment of the new gear reducer parts, the total contact area of ​​the mating surface is small, and the allowable torque is large. During the entire operation of the gear reducer, the convex and concave parts on the surface of the parts rub against each other, and the metal material slag that falls off is used as a wear-resistant material and participates in the friction again, which speeds up the wear of the matching surface of the parts. Therefore, it is very easy to cause the wear of components (especially the mating surfaces) during the break-in time, and the wear rate is too fast. At this time, if it is overloaded, it is likely to cause damage to components and cause initial failure.
2. Many wrong operations: Because of insufficient grasp of the structure and characteristics of the reducer (especially new operators), it is very easy to cause failures due to wrong operations, and even cause mechanical equipment safety accidents and safety production accidents.
3. Poor lubricating: Because the fitting gap of the newly assembled parts is small, and because of the assembly, etc., the grease (grease) is not easy to produce a uniform oil slick on china ac motor manufacturer the friction surface to prevent wear. This in turn reduces the lubricating efficiency, resulting in abnormal early wear of the parts. In more serious cases, it can lead to scratches on the finely fitted friction surfaces or occlusion of the teeth, resulting in failure.
4. Loosening occurs: The newly produced and assembled parts have errors in the shape of geometric figures and matching specifications. In the early stage of application, due to alternate loads such as damage and vibration, as well as the hazards of heat, deformation and other factors, Coupled with the rapid wear and other reasons, it is very easy to loosen the previously tightened parts.
5. Water leakage occurs: due to the loosening of parts, vibration and the heat of the gear reducer, there will be water leakage on the protruding surface of the gear reducer and its tee joints; some of the shortcomings such as forging cannot be adjusted during assembly. However, due to the vibration and impact effects in reducer with end cap the whole working process, such defects are exposed, mainly manifested as oil leakage (seepage). Therefore, water leakage sometimes occurs during the break-in time.

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