What are the reasons for the damage to the gear of the gear reducer


There are many types of gear reducers on the market, su […]

There are many types of gear reducers on the market, such as worm gear reducer gear failures such as broken teeth and gear wear. According to the analysis of years of experience of Weigao transmission engineers: gear damage forms except for broken teeth and abnormal gear wear (here referred to as abnormal wear is more appropriate, because normal wear of gears cannot be considered as a fault. Abnormal wear refers to premature wear of gears) In addition to the wear life that the gear should have, there are damage forms such as pitting and spalling on the tooth surface. Pitting and spalling of the tooth surface mostly occur at the top position above the middle of the tooth height.
Reason analysis of broken tooth
1. The reasons for gear tooth breakage caused by manufacturing quality are: failure to select suitable steel, poor casting quality of gears, low quenching hardness, insufficient gear hardness, easy bend tooth wear, insufficient spheroidization, fatigue damage due to alternating stress during use Wait……
2. Gear meshing accuracy has little effect on broken teeth. Although the meshing accuracy of the gear has a certain degree of influence on the broken tooth, it does not have a great influence on the broken tooth. Because the meshing accuracy of the gear is not enough, the contact surface of the gear is insufficient, the contact stress will increase, the load will be uneven, etc., but this is not the main reason for the broken tooth.

3. Another reason for tooth broken is that the load is too large and the tooth root is defective, and the bending strength of the tooth is not enough. (The main factors affecting the bending strength are the load force acting on the gear teeth and the defect degree of the tooth root. The poor meshing accuracy of gears will not change the load force on the gear teeth and the defect degree of the tooth root, but increase The contact stress of the gear teeth).
4. In addition to the poor manufacturing quality of the reducer, the reasons for the gear wear are also some problems that occur during use, such as the lack of oil in the reducer and the use of semi-fluid lubricating fluid.
5. The manufacturing quality factors of abnormal wear include:
① Gear materials do not meet the requirements, causing abnormal wear;
②The gear has defects such as blisters, pores and looseness, and insufficient spheroidization;
③Insufficient heat treatment hardness or no heat treatment;
④ Gear meshing accuracy and motion accuracy cannot meet the requirements;
⑤The arc gear is very sensitive to the error of the center distance, especially the positive error of the center distance, which not only reduces the bending strength of the gear teeth, but also increases the sliding wear.

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