What are the reasons and characteristics of the geared motor burn-in


Gear motors are usually used in low-speed and high-torq […]

Gear motors are usually used in low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. By making the gear on the input shaft of the reducer mesh with the large gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration, the power of the high-speed motor can be realized. Gear motors are also called gear motors. The combustion of a gear motor is usually a motor failure. The reasons and characteristics of the combustion of gear reduction motors are as follows:
1. Lack of phase
Reason: It is usually caused by a lack of phase in the power supply (no phase or insufficient power supply voltage) or the contact of the contactor in the line is not closed, and the wire connection point is disconnected. It is loose or the contact position is oxidized.
Features: One or two phases (level 4) in the winding are all black, the coil is symmetrically and regularly damaged, and the phase is missing.

2. Overload
Reason: Usually, the motor runs under the condition of overcurrent, overheating, frequent starting or braking, and wiring error (delta connection to star connection) for a long time.
Features: The windings are all black, and the end bands are discolored, brittle or even broken.
3. Between turns
Reason: The enameled wire is broken due to the motor manufacturing process.
Feature: The winding is partially burnt, usually when cleaning the motor cavity, there is only one explosion point.

4. Replace
Cause: The photo paper is not in place, or the photo paper (case) is damaged.
Feature: Blow out between two adjacent phases of the motor.
5. Ground Strike
Reason: The distance between the coil and the bottom of the end cap is insufficient.
Feature: There are burn marks at two positions between the coil and the end cap or the end cap.

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