What are the main features of the cycloid reducer

Summary:Cycloidal pinwheel reducer (cycloid pinwheel reducer) can refer to cycloid pinwheel drive. It is a m...

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer (cycloid pinwheel reducer) can refer to cycloid pinwheel drive. It is a mechanism that reduces the speed of the input shaft by a certain percentage. Cycloidal pin gear reducer is a planetary transmission principle application using a new type of cycloidal pin gear meshing. The equipment can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part and output part.
Cycloidal pinwheel reducer is a new type of transmission mechanism. It has many characteristics. First of all, its transmission ratio is very large. The single-stage transmission ratio is about 9-87; the two-stage transmission ratio is about 99-7569; the transmission ratio can be even greater. Secondly, the transmission efficiency is very high. The single-stage transmission efficiency exceeds 90%. Third, its structure is compact, small in size and light in weight. The high-speed shaft and the low-speed shaft are located on the same shaft, so installation and removal are very easy. Fourth, it can run smoothly. Low noise. In addition, it can withstand overloads and attacks. Fifth, it is quite reliable and has a long service life.

There are many specifications and models of the cycloid reducer. For example, there are B series, X series and 8000 series. Obviously, there are many categories of cycloid reducers. Therefore, it also has a wide range of applications and can meet different requirements. It can be widely used as a drive or reducer in many industries such as petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation and many other industries. Due to its unique and stable structure, it can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and worm gear reducer in some cases. This has also led to its wide application in various industries and fields. Welcomed by the majority of users.
The installation of the cycloid reducer is very important. There are many aspects to consider. For example, when installing couplings, pulleys, sprockets or other parts on the output shaft of the cycloid reducer, direct hammering is not allowed. In addition, the ring gear on the screw is only used to increase or decrease the speed.
Every coin has two sides. The same applies to the cycloid reducer. In addition to its advantages, it also has many disadvantages. For example, compared with many other drive mechanisms, the input and output shafts cannot be reversed. All in all, the cycloid reducer is a very complicated mechanism. At the same time, it is so important that it deserves our attention.


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