What are the common problems and causes of worm gear reducers?

Summary:Worm gear reducer is a kind of transmission machinery with compact structure, large transmission rat...
Worm gear reducer is a kind of transmission machinery with compact structure, large transmission ratio and self-locking function under certain conditions. Among them, the hollow shaft worm gear reducer not only has the above characteristics, but also has convenient installation and reasonable structure, and has been widely used. It is a helical gear reducer installed at the input end of the worm gear reducer. The formed multi-stage reducer can obtain a very low output speed, which has higher efficiency than a single-stage worm gear reducer, and has less vibration, noise and energy. Low consumption.

Common problems and their causes
1. The reducer heats up and leaks oil. In order to improve efficiency, worm gear reducers generally use non-ferrous metals as worm gears, and worms use harder steel. Due to the sliding friction transmission, more heat will be generated during operation, which will cause differences in thermal expansion between the various parts of the reducer and the seal, thus forming gaps in each mating surface, and the lubricating oil will become thinner due to the increase in temperature, which is easy to cause leakage. .
There are four main reasons for this situation. First, the matching of materials is unreasonable; second, the quality of the meshing friction surface is poor; third, the selection of the amount of lubricating oil added is incorrect; fourth, the assembly quality and use environment are poor.
2. Worm gear wear. The worm gear is generally made of tin bronze, and the paired worm material is hardened to HRC4555 with 45 steel, or 40Cr hardened to HRC5055 and then ground to a roughness of Ra0.8μm by a worm grinder. The reducer wears very slowly during normal operation, and some reducers can be Use more than 10 years. If the wear rate is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the selection is correct, whether it is overloaded, and the material of the worm gear, the quality of assembly or the use environment.
3. The transmission pinion helical gear is worn. It generally occurs on vertically installed reducers, mainly related to the amount of lubricating oil added and the type of oil. When installed vertically, it is easy to cause insufficient lubricating oil. When the reducer stops running, the transmission gear oil between the motor and the reducer is lost, and the gears cannot be properly lubricated and protected. When the reducer is started, the gears are mechanically worn or even damaged due to lack of effective lubrication.
4. The worm bearing is damaged. When a failure occurs, even if the gearbox is well sealed, it is often found that the gear oil in the gearbox is emulsified, and the bearings are rusted, corroded, and damaged. This is because the condensed water generated after the gear oil temperature rises and cools after the reducer runs for a period of time is mixed with water. Of course, it is also closely related to the bearing quality and assembly process.

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