What are the characteristics of RV series worm gear reducer


Features and efficiency of RV series worm gear reducer […]

Features and efficiency of RV series worm gear reducer
Structure composition of RV reducer
1. The basic structure of RV reducer is mainly composed of transmission parts worm gear, shaft, bearing, box and accessories.
2. It can be divided into three basic structural parts: box body, worm gear, bearing and shaft combination.
3. The box body is the base of all accessories in the RV series reducer. It is an important accessory that supports the fixed shaft system components, ensures the correct relative position of the transmission accessories and supports the load acting on the RV reducer.
4. The main function of the worm gear is to transmit the motion and power between the two interleaved shafts, and the main function of the bearing and the shaft is to transmit power, operate and improve efficiency.

Main materials of worm gear reducer:
1. RV reducer housing: aluminum alloy (frame: 025--090), cast iron (frame: 110--150);
2. Worm: 20Cr steel, carbon and nitriding treatment (maintain the tooth surface hardness HRC60 after fine grinding, the thickness of the hard layer>0.5mm);
3. Worm gear: specially formulated wear-resistant nickel bronze.
 Structural characteristics of RV worm gear reducer:
1. High-quality aluminum alloy casting box, suitable for all-round universal installation and configuration;
2. Sufficient cooling ribs, so that the body has excellent thermal conductivity;
3. A total of 10 chassis specifications from 025 to 150; the transmission power range is from 60W to 15KW;
4. The speed ratio range is large, and each single frame has 12 reduction ratios from 5:1 to 100:1;
5.Precision grinding and processing of hard tooth surface transmission worm, high efficiency and large output torque;
6. Low noise and stable operation, suitable for long-term continuous work in harsh environments;
7. Light weight and high mechanical strength;
8. The modular combination enables PCRW and DRW to expand the transmission ratio of the RW reducer to: i=5--32000.

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