What are the advantages and disadvantages of worm gear drives


Worm Gear Drive: It is one type of gear arrangement con […]

Worm Gear Drive: It is one type of gear arrangement consists of a worm (gear in a shape of screw) and a worm wheel (appears similar to a spur gear).


High reduction ratio can be achieved up to 300:1.

It requires lesser space to operate.

It operates smoothly and silently.

They have good meshing effectiveness.

They can be used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to the greater extent.

And, it has a special feature called Self-locking which means reverse movement is restricted which depends on its lead angle and friction angle.

Able to transmit power or motion between two shafts which in 90 degree with each other.


High power loss.

Low efficiency.

Produces a lot of heat due to high speed reduction ratio which involves worm teeth sliding action.

Raw materials and materials used for manufacturing are expensive.

Requires more lubrication for smooth working.


Load hoisting applications because of its self-locking capability.



Gate control mechanisms.

Automobile steering mechanism.

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