What are the advantages and disadvantages of right angle planetary reducer?

Summary:Planetary reducers are widely used in laser and automation industries. For different working environ...
Planetary reducers are widely used in laser and automation industries. For different working environments and industries, there are reducers of different models and speed ratios. NEUGART reducers have different models according to different types of reducers. Next, the advantages and disadvantages of right-angle planetary reducers are introduced.
The characteristic of the right angle planetary reducer is that the direction of the input shaft and the output shaft are different. Typically, the angle between the input and output of a right angle reducer can be 90 degrees. Depending on the type of reducer, the shafts can be tangent at one level or intersect at two parallel levels, allowing for shaft offsets.
There are right-angle reducers with different types of gears or right-angle reducers combined with different types of gears. The most common types of reducers are helical gear reducers and worm gear reducers.
The worm gear reducer can achieve self-locking by increasing the single-stage transmission ratio and reducing the efficiency. Likewise, in worm gear reducers, the output shaft can be designed as a hollow shaft.
There are various types of helical gear reducers. Helical gear reducers with intersecting shafts have spur, helical or helical bevel gears. The hypoid helical gear reducer has a spiral spiral bevel gear, and the shaft intersects the gear to realize the axis offset. The technically significant range of transmission ratios achieved by hypoid gear reducers through bevel gear grades is greater than that of conventional bevel gears.

Likewise, helical gear reducers can also be combined with other types of reducers. A common application is the combination with a planetary reducer, which can be front-mounted or rear-mounted. This expands the range of total gear ratios and is widely used in industrial applications.
Generally, the efficiency of helical gear reducers is lower than that of coaxial cylindrical gear reducers, especially when compared with planetary reducers. This is because bevel gear grades generate high axial and radial forces, which are received by suitable bearings. This increases power losses, especially in the drive stage of the gear unit.
The smoothness of operation and transmittable torque of conventional bevel gears is also lower than that of spur gears. Hypoid gear reducers, on the other hand, run extremely smoothly and transmit very high torques, but in the bevel gear grades, high bearing loads occur.
If the installation space of the application is limited or the program requires the angular distribution of the input and output shafts, use a right-angle or helical gear reducer. The output shaft can be used as a hollow shaft if the output shaft is used to feed a line or use a clamping set.
The advantages of right angle planetary reducer:
Use in limited construction space
Can be used in combination with other types of reducers
Smooth operation and high torque when using hypoid helical gear reducers
Version with hollow shaft available
Disadvantages of right angle planetary reducer:
complex structure
Efficiency is lower than planetary reducer
Poor running stability
Low torque in a single gear ratio range
NEUGART series right-angle reducers are divided into economical and precision types, economical types include WPLE, WPLQE, WPLPE, WPLHE, WPLFE; precision types include WPLN, WPSFN, WGN. There are various models, and different right-angle planetary reducers can be selected according to different needs.

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