Types of reducers


The reducer is a relatively precise machine. The purpos […]

The reducer is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. There are many kinds of it,
Different models, different types have different uses. There are many types of reducers, which can be divided into gear reducers,
Worm reducer and planetary gear reducer; according to the number of transmission stages can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducers; according to the gear shape
It can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and conical-cylindrical gear reducer; according to the transmission arrangement form,
It can be divided into expansion type, shunt type and coaxial type reducer. The following are commonly used reducer classifications:
⑴ Cycloidal pinwheel reducer
⑵ Hardened cylindrical gear reducer
⑶ Planetary gear reducer
⑷Soft tooth surface reducer
⑸Three-ring reducer
⑹Crane reducer
⑺Worm reducer
⑻Shaft-mounted hard tooth surface reducer
⑼Continuously variable transmission

The main feature of the worm gear reducer is that it has a reverse self-locking function, which can have a larger reduction ratio, input shaft and output
The shafts are not on the same axis, nor on the same plane. But generally the volume is large, the transmission efficiency is not high, and the accuracy is not high.

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