Tooth surface gear reducer maintenance

Summary:Tooth surface gear reducer maintenance When the reducer is working, the temperature in the box rises...
Tooth surface gear reducer maintenance
When the reducer is working, the temperature in the box rises, the vapor rises, and the working pressure increases. In order to make the thermally expanded air in the box discharged from the water heater, the working pressure in the connected box is balanced, so that the smooth oil does not flow along the sub-box surface. Or the shaft extension hydraulic seals and other clearances leak water, but the ventilator has been dismantled at the top of the box. Due to the insufficient bending stiffness of the worm shaft or the reasons for the deviation of the manufacturing and disassembly, the above-mentioned ineffective methods will also appear. The reason for the deviation of its installation and demolition is largely caused by the unoptimistic wheel weight.
 The bearing cover is the shaft diameter part of the fixed shafting component and receives the shaft diameter load. Both sides of the bearing seat hole are sealed with bearing covers. There are two types of bearing caps: flange type and inline type. The control hexagon bolts are fixed on the box body, and the bearing cover at the outrigger shaft is a buried hole, and there is a sealing installation in it. The advantage of the flanged bearing cap is that it is convenient to disassemble and adjust the bearing, but compared with the embedded bearing cap, the number of parts is large, the specifications are large, and the appearance is unsightly and unsatisfactory. If everyone has a good understanding of the reducer in the whole process of using the reducer, it will cause great harm to the control in the future, and generally there will be many unpredictable situations that cannot be solved. So what are the key materials that cannot be ignored in the whole process of using the reducer? If you don't know, you can look down again.
 The positioning pin is the precision of connecting the bearing seat holes to each other every time the box cover is disassembled. pin. Add the connecting flanges on both vertical sides of Wholesale NMRV-NMRV the box body, and the symmetrical box body should be placed symmetrically to prevent wrong disassembly. When the staff has already used the cycloid reducer reducer, if they come to the situation of oil leakage, they must not panic enough. The first thing is to find the detailed cause of the oil leakage. problem oriented. So what are the reasons for the oil leakage of the cycloid reducer reducer?
 The oil level indicator prohibits the aspect ratio of the oil level in the oil pool in the reducer. It is often connected to each other. There is appropriate oil in the oil pool. Generally, the oil level indicator has been checked by the consumer of the box and the oil level will not change. instrument. There can be many homes in the region that have already consumed and marketed such reducer installations, so now it is necessary to terminate the choice of such reduction installations. When the choice has been terminated, many aspects must be fully considered. It seems that the gear ratio installed in the current reducer, as well as the quality of the current installation, and its functions, all must be fully considered, and it is also very worthy of full consideration today.
 When the oil drain plug is used to change the oil, the waste liquid and cleaning agent should be drained into the oil inlet at the bottom of the tank seat and the part of the oil pool. Usually, the oil inlet is plugged with a screw plug. A sealing ring for filling leaks should be added between the welding surfaces of the box. The rapid development of regional economic development has prompted the choice of the reducer to be no longer pure, and accurate and precise positioning to the reliability of a sold product. Accurately show the requirements of Wholesale NMRV-NMRV the selected reducer, the selection of the maintenance port, understand the suitable sales, and show the purpose of the choice. Grasp the fundamental interconnection of choices, and locate the information content of the sales of reducers in the market in recent years. From the perspective of the integrated sales market, the style of choice has been rapidly improved, ensuring the choice of regions and the choice of reducers. It has become a precise positioning of skilled and rapid development, so that all sales are more and more objective, the choice of use value is higher, and the application purpose of the reducer in the application area is more established.

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