The working principle of right angle planetary reducer

Summary:The right angle planetary reducer is a power transmission mechanism. The input force is converted by...
The right angle planetary reducer is a power transmission mechanism. The input force is converted by the gear to obtain the rotational speed to be transmitted by the motor and obtain a mechanism with a larger torque. The gears on the drive shaft of the planetary reducer mesh with each other to reduce speed and increase torque. Ordinary reducers will also use the same principle to achieve the ideal deceleration effect through gear meshing. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio.
Introduction of right angle planetary reducer
The right angle planetary reducer is one of the types of planetary reducers. The reason why it is called the right angle planetary reducer is that the angle between the output shaft and the input end of the right angle planetary reducer is 90 degrees, that is, the two are in a vertical relationship.
box. It is an important part of the box reducer, it is the basis of the transmission parts, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity. In order to facilitate installation and disassembly, the box body is split horizontally along the axis. The upper box cover and the lower box body are connected into one body by bolts. The boss next to the bearing seat should have enough bearing surface to place the connecting bolts, the connecting bolts of the bearing seat should be as close as possible to the bearing seat hole, and ensure the spanner space required for tightening the bolts. A support rib is added near the bearing hole to ensure sufficient rigidity of the box. In order to ensure the stability of the reducer placed on the foundation and minimize the processing area of ​​the plane where the box base is located, the box base generally does not use a complete plane.
Right angle planetary reducer accessories. In addition to paying enough attention to the combination of gears, shafts, bearings and the structural design of the box, in order to ensure the normal operation of the right-angle planetary reducer, it is also necessary to consider the lubrication, processing, disassembly and maintenance of the reducer, and the accuracy of the box during installation. Reasonable selection and design of auxiliary components such as positioning.

Features of right angle planetary reducer
 The right-angle planetary reducer has a compact structure, because the output shaft and the input shaft of the right-angle planetary reducer are in a 90-degree vertical relationship, so the right-angle planetary reducer can save a lot of space during installation, and the right-angle planetary reducer The installation space is small to achieve 360 It can be installed without dead ends, and the installation is very convenient. It can be used on many sides and can be used in many machines that require space. Strong performance, the drive element can be directly installed on the output shaft, and can be flexibly used in various occasions.
The right angle planetary reducer is small and lightweight, in the case of small size and light weight, and can withstand high load conditions to meet the installation requirements of all packaging machinery.
The right-angle planetary reducer has good dynamic performance, stable operation, and high-precision repeating path. The high-precision machining has a smooth surface, and different processing techniques are used to meet the requirements of different application environments.

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