The difference between planetary reducer gears and ordinary cylindrical reducer gears

Summary:Compared with the gear transmission of the cylindrical reducer, the planetary reducer gear transmiss...

Compared with the gear transmission of the cylindrical reducer, the planetary reducer gear transmission has many unique advantages. Its most notable feature is: it can split power when transmitting power; at the same time, its input shaft and output shaft have coaxiality, that is, the output shaft and input shaft are arranged on the same main axis.
Therefore, planetary gear reducer transmission has now been used to replace ordinary gear transmission, and as a speed increaser and transmission device in various mechanical transmission systems. The main features of planetary gear reducer transmission are as follows.
1. Smooth movement, strong resistance to shock and vibration
As several planet wheels with the same structure are used, they are evenly distributed around the center wheel, so that the forces of the planet wheels and the rotating arm can be balanced with each other. At the same time, the coaxial reducer also increases the number of teeth involved in the meshing, so the planetary gear transmission moves smoothly, has strong resistance to shock and vibration, and works more reliably.

2. The planetary reducer has high gear transmission efficiency
Due to the symmetry of the planetary gear transmission structure, that is, it has several symmetrically distributed planetary wheels, so that the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the rotating arm bearings can be balanced with each other, which is beneficial to achieve the effect of improving the transmission efficiency. When the transmission type is selected properly and the structure layout is reasonable, the efficiency value can reach 0.97~0.99.
3. The transmission is relatively large, which can realize the synthesis and decomposition of motion
As long as the type of planetary gear transmission and the gear matching scheme are appropriately selected, a few gears can be used to obtain a large transmission ratio. In the transmission of a planetary gear reducer that is only used as a transmission motion, its transmission ratio can reach several thousand. It should be pointed out that when the planetary gear transmission has a large transmission ratio, it can still maintain many advantages such as compact structure, small mass, and small volume. Moreover, it can also realize the synthesis and decomposition of motions and the realization of complex motions with various variable speeds.
The gear reducer is a transmission device enclosed in a rigid box. It is composed of several gears, shafts, bearings and other parts. It can be used to change the speed and torque between the input shaft and the output shaft. Therefore, it is widely used in mechanical transmission.



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