Talking about the huge prospect of high-efficiency motors

Summary: In order to promote the application of high-efficiency motors and promote energy conservation and e...
In order to promote the application of high-efficiency motors and promote energy conservation and emission reduction, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Transformation Committee jointly issued the "Guidelines on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Rules for the Implementation of High-efficiency Motors in Energy-Saving Products Benefiting the People", and decided to include high-efficiency motors in the implementation of energy-saving products Benefiting the people. , take the form of financial subsidies to carry out the implementation.
According to the "Small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous electric motor performance limit value and energy saving assessment", my country divides the power performance into three levels, the first level of energy efficiency is ultra-high-efficiency motors, the second level of energy efficiency is high-efficiency motors, and the third level of energy efficiency is ordinary motors.
Compared with ordinary electric motors, high-efficiency electric motors use high-quality materials and optimize design, and the energy consumption is reduced by about 20% on average, while ultra-high-efficiency electric motors consume more than 30% less power than ordinary electric motors. Department of electricity is about 15% -30% more expensive. But generally speaking, the investment of high-efficiency motors higher than that of ordinary motors can be returned within 2 years, which can save power consumption for enterprises throughout the life cycle.
The manufacturing enterprise is the main body of the high-efficiency motor promotion. The intermediate finance will allocate the subsidy funds to the high-efficiency motor manufacturing enterprise, and the manufacturing enterprise will sell it to the complete set of construction manufacturing enterprises such as pumps and fans at the subsidized cost.

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