Talking about the advantages of planetary reducer and ordinary gear reducer

Summary:Compared with other worm gear reducer, the planetary reducer has many advantages. The planetary redu...

Compared with other worm gear reducer, the planetary reducer has many advantages. The planetary reducer can split power when transmitting power, and its input shaft is coaxial, which means that the output shaft and input shaft are set on the same main shaft on-line.
So most common gear reducers have been replaced by planetary reducers, which have the following characteristics:
1) The planetary reducer runs smoothly and has strong shock and vibration resistance
The planetary reducer uses several planetary gears with the same structure, evenly distributed around the center wheel, so that the forces of the planetary gears and the rotating arm can be balanced with each other. The coaxial reducer also increases the number of teeth involved in the meshing, so Planetary gear transmission runs smoothly;

2) The transmission ratio is large, which can realize motion synthesis and decomposition
The planetary reduction gear structure requires only a few gears to obtain a large transmission ratio. For example, the transmission ratio of an industrial planetary reducer can reach several thousand, and the planetary gear reduction ratio can maintain a compact structure and a small mass while maintaining a large transmission ratio. , Small size and other advantages;
3) Planetary reducer is small in size, compact in structure and large in load capacity
The planetary gear reducer has a power split and a coaxial transmission of each center wheel and a reasonable application of internal gears, so it can be very compact. Several planetary gears are evenly distributed around the center wheel to share the load. Make each gear bear a small load, and allow these gears to adopt a smaller module. The coaxial reducer makes full use of the volume of the inner ring gear itself in structure, so it is beneficial to reduce the gears and make the planetary reducer Small size, compact structure, and large carrying capacity;
4) The planetary reducer has high transmission efficiency
The transmission structure of the planetary reducer is symmetrical, with a plurality of evenly distributed planetary wheels, and the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the swing arm bearing can balance each other, thereby helping to improve the transmission efficiency.

Different equipment uses different types of reducers. Reducers are used for applications that require large torque and low speed. Reduce the output speed of the micro-motor to increase the output torque through the reducer. There are many types of reducers, such as planetary reducers, Miniature gear reducer, worm gear reducer, hard tooth surface reducer, etc.

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