Some problems that need to be understood in the process of using cycloid reducer


When buying a cycloid reducer, in addition to paying at […]

When buying a cycloid reducer, in addition to paying attention to the problems of the product itself, you also need to understand what you need to pay attention to when using the cycloid reducer, so as not to cause some failures due to improper operations in the process of utilization. Planetary cycloid reducer is a relatively new type of transmission mechanism. Its unique and stable structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducers and worm gear reducers in many cases, because the planetary cycloid reducer has high speed ratio, high efficiency and compact structure. , Small size, stable operation, low noise, reliable use, long life, reasonable design, convenient maintenance, easy to disassemble and install. The following editor will introduce the things you need to pay attention to when using cycloid reducer:

1. It is forbidden to strike hard. When adding couplings, belt pulleys and sprocket to the output shaft of the reducer, direct hammering is not allowed for operation. Cycloid reducer and the sealing part are running at high speed and high temperature for a long time, and oil leakage in the sealing part sometimes occurs. Due to the serious oil leakage during the operation of the equipment, which brings many disadvantages to safe production, the traditional method is to shut down for a long time to disassemble and replace the sealing gasket and deal with the joint surface. In order to achieve effective treatment in the operation of the equipment, traditional methods cannot be achieved. Because the output shaft structure of the reducer cannot receive axial hammering, the screw hole can be screwed into the shaft end to press into the joint.

2. The equipment breather cap (i.e. exhaust screw plug) is required. When the reducer is used, the block on the top of the reducer must be replaced with an exhaust screw plug. The function of replacing the exhaust screw plug is to ensure that the reducer is in operation. Gas produced by the inner body. Cycloidal pin gear reducer is a novel transmission device that applies the principle of planetary transmission and adopts the meshing of cycloidal pin teeth. In the gear box, bearing box, thread seal, mechanical seal and other parts of the cycloid pinwheel reducer, due to the long-term high-torque mechanical movement, the meshing gap of the gear box becomes larger, causing greater noise and equipment vibration. Otherwise, in the case of long-term operation of the reducer, the air in the reducer will adhere to the longer the working time and increase, and then the temperature rise will cause the oil seal of the reducer to swell and damage, causing oil leakage of the reducer.

3. For the replacement of lubricating oil, the user judges the amount of lubricating oil to be injected according to the size of the reducer type. This is specifically defined. The specific operation should be in accordance with the reducer application manual. If the reducer is placed in a harsh environment, high temperature, and dusty operating environment, please check or change the lubricating oil every 12 days.

Individuals only pay attention to the above problems when using the cycloid reducer, so there is no need to worry about the deformity of the cycloid reducer will be affected.

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