Reducer frame type


1. Rack without fulcrum: The rack itself has no shaft s […]

1. Rack without fulcrum: The rack itself has no shaft supporting point. The stirring shaft is based on the two supporting shafts of the output shaft of the reducer as the force fulcrum, which can be used to transmit small power. Planetary cycloid reducer is a relatively new type of transmission mechanism. Its unique stable structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducers and worm gear reducers in many cases, because the planetary cycloid reducer has high speed ratio, high efficiency and compact structure. , Small size, stable operation, low noise, reliable use, long life, reasonable design, convenient maintenance, easy to disassemble and install, etc.
Mixing equipment that is not subject to or only subject to small axial load and less intense mixing. It is necessary to use a rigid coupling for the connection between the mixing shaft and the reducer, especially the JQ type jacket coupling is the best.

2. If one of the following prerequisites exists for the single pivot rack, the single pivot rack is the best choice.
(1) The bottom bearing of the mixing container is set as a force fulcrum;
(2) The shaft seal body is equipped with a bearing (including a rigid liner) as a force fulcrum (the force level is in accordance with the requirements of the shaft seal);
(3) In the heel mixing container, there is a guide bearing in the middle of the shaft, which acts as a force fulcrum (namely, the center bearing).
3. Double fulcrum racks are not suitable for use without fulcrum, single fulcrum racks, double fulcrum racks should be used. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer is a novel transmission device that applies the principle of planetary transmission and adopts the meshing of cycloidal needle teeth. In the gear box, bearing box, thread seal, mechanical seal and other parts of the cycloid pinwheel reducer, due to the long-term high-torque mechanical movement, the gear box meshing gap becomes larger, resulting in greater noise and equipment vibration. Cycloidal reducer and the sealing part are operating at high speed and high temperature for a long time, and the oil leakage of the sealing part sometimes occurs. Due to the serious oil leakage during equipment operation, which brings many disadvantages to safe production, the traditional method is to stop for a long time to disassemble and replace the sealing gasket and deal with the joint surface. In order to achieve effective treatment during equipment operation, traditional methods cannot be achieved.
However, the lower fulcrum bearing structure of the double fulcrum rack is chosen to use tapered spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves to facilitate device repair, and it is necessary to use HL-type elastic pin couplings for the connection between the mixing shaft and the reducer.
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