Reducer failure prevention

Summary:Reducer failure prevention Precautions 1. Selection of reducer The quality of machinery and equipme...
Reducer failure prevention
1. Selection of reducer
The quality of machinery and equipment immediately jeopardizes the application of machinery and equipment, and determines the service life of machinery and equipment. According to the working conditions on the spot, load regulations, etc., select the suitable type and specification of the reducer, and select the manufacturer with high cost performance, good reputation, and relative technical advantages to supply, so as to ensure the quality of the reducer.
2. Installation and adjustment of the reducer
Improper installation of the reducer will endanger all normal applications of the reducer. When installing the reducer, pay attention to:
(1) The reducer must be installed on a firm and leveled base, and the anchor screws must be firm and shock-resistant;
(2) Be sure to ensure the parallelism between the motor-reducer-operating machine;
(3) After installation, be sure to check the air intake system to ensure that all important parts are properly lubricated, and to ensure that the cleanliness level of the grease meets the regulations. And in accordance with the provisions of the trial run before the funds can be invested in the trial run application.
3. Maintenance of reducer
The daily maintenance of machinery and equipment is important to prevent failures and avoid the expansion of safety accidents. The daily maintenance of the reducer must pay attention to the following aspects:
1) Improve the learning and training of equipment maintenance and management staff.
Many equipment maintenance and management personnel have no theoretical foundation, and their cognitive ability of some basic common sense is unclear, and it is very likely that they will violate the regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the timely learning and training of on-site maintenance personnel, and the learning and training should be simple and easy to understand. , there is executable, do not follow what others say without the essence and pure theory, improve their professional skills and professional skills.
2) Improve daily inspection.
According to the "five set" standards in the lubrication work, in the lubrication and maintenance work of the reducer, ensure that each reducer is responsible for carrying out on-time inspections, and assign experienced staff to carry out on-time sampling inspections. Once it is found that the reducer has some abnormal conditions, it should stop working immediately and carry out immediate maintenance and solutions to prevent the expansion of safety accidents. In addition, after each inspection and maintenance is resolved, make a record, so as to have a clear cognitive ability for each reducer.
The key items to check are:
(1) Check whether the water temperature of the reducer and the temperature of the bearing parts are within the allowable range, in which the allowable range should be appropriately adjusted according to the external temperature;
(2) Check whether the reducer has abnormal vibration and noise during the whole process of operation;
(3) Check whether the upper and lower linkage surfaces of the reducer and the bearing end cover of the bearing are leaking oil, and if so, deal with it properly;
⑷ Check the cleanliness level of the grease on time;
⑸ When the reducer stops running, carefully observe the hole to check the condition of the internal components such as the transmission gear and shaft.
Because the damage of the bearing is a common factor that causes the failure of the reducer, and the bearing part is very difficult to inspect (it needs to be shut down to remove the bearing end cover to check, which takes a lot of time), so it can be cut on the bearing end cover of the reducer bearing. Observation hole, convenient for inspection anytime, anywhere. Check the environmental factors of the reducer and make it work in a stronger working environment as much as possible.
3) Do a good job in the maintenance and installation of the reducer after the failure.
After the reducer fails, it is necessary to carry out a detailed inspection and analysis on the spot, find out the cause of the failure, and make a record of the inspection status. In addition, after dismantling and replacing the damaged parts, the components that must be restored must be restored. It is not advisable to use it if you feel that it can be used in a short time. The installation is strictly carried out according to the requirements to ensure that the body of the box is clean and the gap is adjusted.
In addition, the sealant should be properly wiped on the fusion surface of the housing and the bearing end cover of the bearing. It is not necessary to feel as much as possible. Too much may cause the bearing to run to the outside, wear out the bearing seat hole of the housing, and also allow oil to enter. The mouth is blocked, which will endanger the lubrication and cause a major failure.
Proper installation is simple, timely maintenance, and ensuring the quality of maintenance staff can greatly reduce the frequency of failures and ensure the smooth development of production.

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