Reduce gear reducer noise

Summary:Reduce gear reducer noise 1. Accuracy of manipulating gears Basic requirements for gear accuracy: Af...
Reduce gear reducer noise
1. Accuracy of manipulating gears
Basic requirements for gear accuracy: After practical certification, the gear accuracy must be controlled at the GB10995-887~8 level, the angular speed is higher than 50m/s gear, the limit error of the pitch, the dimensional tolerance of the axial vibration of the gear, and the dimensional tolerance of the tooth direction must be stable. Achieve level 7 accuracy. Under the condition of achieving grade 7 precision gear, the tooth part should be reversed, and the gear tooth punch should be resolutely eliminated.
2. Manipulate the quality of raw materials
High-quality raw materials are necessary for the production of high-quality goods. Regardless of the method, raw materials must undergo rigorous composition testing, grain size measurement, and purity identification after they arrive at the factory. The purpose is to immediately adjust the heat treatment deformation and improve the quality in the production and processing of the tooth profile.
3. Avoid heat treatment deformation
After the initial processing, the tooth blank is refined into a steel casting, and quenching or heat treatment is carried out to achieve:
(1) Softened iron castings are convenient for drilling production and processing;
(2) Reduce internal stress;
(3) Optimize the crystal and improve the mechanism to improve the physical properties of the steel;
(4) Make institutional preparations for the solution.
It should be noted that during quenching or heat treatment, it is necessary to maintain a uniform temperature in the furnace, and to use fixtures to uniformly heat and cool the product workpieces, and it is forbidden to stack them together. For gears that need to be punched to reduce the net weight, the punching sequence should be allocated after heat treatment. The heat treatment of the gear adopts induction hardening of the journal which makes the deformation of the part smaller; the journal obtained after induction hardening has high compressive strength, strength, wear resistance and fatigue strength, while the core still maintains good plastic deformation and ductility . to reduce deformation. Induction hardening of journals should adopt lower heat treatment temperature and shorter heating time, uniform heating and slow cooling.
5. Ensure the accuracy of the gear blank
The accuracy of the specification of the gear hole is stipulated in the positive and middle difference of the error value of the hole. Process flow. The inner hole vibration and axial vibration of the gear blank are grade 6, which is set in the range of 0.01~0.02mm.

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