• What are the advantages and disadvantages of worm gear drives


    Worm Gear Drive: It is one type of gear arrangement consists of a worm (gear in a shape of screw) and a worm wheel (appears similar to a spur gear). Advantages: High reduction ratio can be achieved up...

  • Transmission in mechanical design


    The transmission is used to change the speed and torque from the engine. It can change the transmission ratio of the output shaft and the input shaft in a fixed or stepwise manner, also known as a gea...

  • Reducer in mechanical design


    Reducer The reducer is an independent closed transmission device between the prime mover and the working machine, which is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the work needs. The ...

  • Causes of failure caused by worm gear reducer


    Worm gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to reduce the number of rotations of the motor to the desired number of rotations and obtain a larger torque. In th...

  • Share the daily failure detection method of gear reducer


    Reducer vibration and abnormal sound Refers to the obvious increase of the vibration and sound of the reducer, which exceeds the normal allowable range, or there is abnormal noise and vibration. Possi...

  • Notes on the selection of gear reducer


    1. How to choose plastic gear reducer The selection of gear reducer should be based on actual needs to select the gear reducer model, technical parameters and subsequent maintenance and other requirem...

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