Maintenance method of planetary reducer parts

Summary:Many people know the existence of the planetary reducer, and they pay more attention to the use of t...
Many people know the existence of the planetary reducer, and they pay more attention to the use of the planetary reducer. If you want to use it for a longer time, you need good maintenance in the process of daily use, including the parts of the planetary reducer, so how to maintain it? ?
In many details, it interferes with the service and life of the planetary reducer. Generally speaking, the reducer will generate a lot of noise after a period of use. In fact, sometimes, it is not the reducer that has a problem, but the internal problem of the reducer caused by the harsh environment or too little lubrication, which will cause noise. This kind of imagination can be avoided under normal circumstances, as long as we are in normal Good gear reducer parts in use.

In many cases, users tend to ignore the impact of parts on planetary reducers, and it is these ignorance that will reduce the service life of the reducer. Any machine is made of parts. If one part fails, the entire machine is paralyzed and unusable. During use, pay attention to whether the parts are damaged, and replace them in time if they are damaged; during normal operation, be sure to inject lubricating oil into the parts of the reducer regularly to ensure that the parts of the reducer are in a lubricated state, which will reduce the number of parts. adverse effects on the reducer, thereby greatly extending the service life of the reducer.
In the process of using the reducer, it must be cleaned frequently. Cleaning is very important for the reducer. If there are too many impurities in the reducer, friction will occur inside the reducer. Damage the planetary reducer.

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