Talking about the professional terms and codes of reducer

Summary:Now customers order a type, and the manufacturer organizes the production according to the type prov...

Now customers order a type, and the manufacturer organizes the production according to the type provided by the customer. I list a type: R77-32.72-Y2.2KW-4P-M1-0 °, where R77 is the type of reducer, 32.72 It is a reducer, 2.2 is the motor power, 4P is a level 4 motor, 2.2KW is 1420 rpm, M1 is the installation method, and 0 ° is the orientation of the motor junction box. Let me explain how to indicate the relevant terms in English and Chinese.
Reduction ratio: The ratio of input speed to output speed is the number of input revolutions divided by the number of output revolutions, which is indicated by the letter i.
Number of stages: The reducer has several sets of gears, commonly known as several levels of transmission. Take the R series reducers of the four major series, the RX series is a first-level transmission and only one set of gears. R series speed ratios below 18 are two-stage transmission, that is, two sets of gears. Above 18, three-stage transmission is used, which is three sets of gears. However, the 18-speed ratio is not absolute. I just say a similar value. , Other types of series are not mentioned first;
Full-load power: Under the maximum load condition (defective output torque is stopped), the transmission power of the reducer; the power of the hard gear reducer is almost 95%, and the power of the turbine is 65%, which is indicated by the letter FB.
Working life: the cumulative working time of the reducer under additional load and additional input speed;
Extra torque: It is the torque for long-term work that extra life is promised. When the output speed is 100 rpm, the life of the reducer is the average life. When the value exceeds this value, the average life of the reducer will be reduced. When the output torque exceeds two times, the reducer is faulty. The letter N.m indicates that; F series reducer
Noise: Unit decibel dB (A), this value is the measured value when the input speed is 1500 rpm, without load, at intervals of 1 meter;
Reverse clearance: The input is fixed, and the output is rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. When the output is subjected to plus or minus 2% additional torque, the output of the reducer is displaced by a slight angular displacement. This angular displacement is the return clearance. . The unit is "arc minutes", which is 1/60 of a degree. Planetary reducer
The above briefly introduces the relevant terms and codes of the reducer. I hope that we can better understand the reducer.


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