Talking about the high-speed development trend of reducer

Summary:The role of the reducer in modern industry is huge, and its status is irreplaceable. Let me talk abo...

The role of the reducer in modern industry is huge, and its status is irreplaceable. Let me talk about the beginning and development trend of the reducer.

From the 1970s to the 1980s, the world's reducer technology has been greatly developed, and it has been closely combined with the development of new technological innovations. The development trend of universal reducers is as follows:
1. High level and high performance: Cylindrical gears are widely used for carburizing and quenching and grinding teeth, and the carrying capacity is more than 4 times forward. Small size, light weight, low noise, high power and high reliability.
2. Block-type combination planning: basic parameter selection priority number, standard and standard structure, strong generality and interchangeability of parts, simple expansion of the series and pattern refurbishment, which are conducive to arranging batch production and reducing costs;
3. Variety of types and multiple variant plans: Get rid of the traditional single base equipment method, add hollow shaft suspension type, floating support base, motor and reducer integrated connection, multi-directional equipment surface and other different types, expand Use scale.
The main factors that promote the horizontal advancement of the reducer are:
1. The theoretical knowledge is becoming more and more perfect, and it is closer to practice (such as gear strength accounting method, shape modification technology, deformation accounting, optimization planning method, smooth root transition, new layout, etc.); R series reducer
2. Select good materials and widely use various high-quality alloy steel forgings. The material and heat treatment quality control level will advance; S series reducer
3. The layout planning is more reasonable;
4. The machining accuracy is advanced to ISO5-6;
5, bearing quality and life advance;
6. Lubricant quality advances.
Since the 1960s, China has successively formulated standards for a number of general-purpose reducers such as JB1130-70 "Cylinder Gear Reducers". In addition to the cheaper use by OEMs, a number of professional reducer production plants have also been formed. There are a hundred companies producing reducers nationwide, with an annual output of about 250,000 universal reducers, which has contributed to the development of China's machinery products.
Most of the reducers in the 1960s were made with reference to the Soviet technology from the 1940s to the 1950s. Although they were later developed, they were limited to the current planning, technological level, and equipment conditions, and their overall level was relatively large compared with the international level. distance.
Since the reform and opening up, China has introduced a number of pre-emptive processing equipment. After introducing, digesting, and absorbing foreign pre-emptive technologies and scientific research, it has gradually mastered the planning and production technology of various high-speed and low-speed heavy-duty gear equipment. The quality of materials and heat treatment and the precision of gear processing have been greatly improved. The manufacturing precision of general cylindrical gears can be advanced from 8-9 grades of JB179-60 to 6 grades of GB10095-88. The manufacturing precision of high-speed gears can be stabilized at 4-5. level. After selecting hard tooth surfaces for some reducers, the volume and mass are significantly reduced, the bearing capacity, the service life, and the transmission power have been greatly improved, which has a great effect on energy saving and the overall level of the main engine.
The power of high-speed gear reduction (increasing) gears produced and planned by our country has reached 42,000 kW, and the peripheral speed of gears has been above 150 m / s. With the development, the manufacturing capacity of domestic reducers has also changed rapidly. Many have replaced imported equipment. However, the service life, noise, and temperature rise are still some distance away from imports. However, the price is cheap and meets the national conditions. The years are the years when reducers are launched, and there are more and more reducer manufacturers. The fierce competition and the pressure of vicious cycles have made the current reducer market very chaotic. Many reducers with poor quality and cut materials have flowed into the market, causing many Distressed customers.


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