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Summary:noise processingThe noise of the reducer is mainly due to the friction, vibration and collision of t...
noise processing
The noise of the reducer is mainly due to the friction, vibration and collision of the transmission gear. How to effectively reduce and reduce the noise and make it more in line with the environmental protection requirements is also a key research topic at home and abroad. Reducing the gear transmission noise during the operation of the reducer has become an important research topic in the industry. Many scholars at home and abroad regard the change of gear tooth mesh stiffness in gear transmission as the main factor of gear dynamic load, vibration and noise. Use the method of modification to minimize the dynamic load and speed fluctuation to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. This method has proved to be a more effective method in practice. However, with this method, there is a need for reshaping equipment in the process, which is often impossible for the majority of medium and small factories to implement.

After years of research, it is proposed to optimize the gear parameters, such as displacement coefficient, tooth height coefficient, pressure angle, and center distance, to minimize the impact speed of the meshing, and the ratio of the impact speed of the meshing out to the impact speed of the meshing is at a certain value. The gear design method that reduces or avoids the impact of the meshing pitch circle can also significantly reduce the gear noise of the reducer. For gear reducer noise problems, there is also Miteray Super Sealant or Lubricant, an excellent gearbox additive that forms a film of inert material on the components, reducing friction, gear noise, and leakage

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