Problems existing in speed reducers and treatment methods

Summary:Analysis of the cause of the oil leakage of the reducer: 1. The pressure in the fuel tank rises 2Unr...

Analysis of the cause of the oil leakage of the reducer: 1. The pressure in the fuel tank rises
2Unreasonable layout design of reducer leads to oil leakage
3 Excessive fueling
4 Improper repair techniques
Countermeasure for oil leakage of reducer: 1 equal pressure .2 smooth flow 3 improve shaft seal layout
4 Selection of polymer composite materials For leakage of the static seal point of the reducer, you can use polymer composite materials and technology to handle leakage on site.
No need to disassemble, use polymer composite material to handle leakage outside, saving time and effort, and the effect is successful
Its products have superior adhesion, oil resistance and 350% elongation, which defeats the influence of reducer vibration.
Greatly handled the company's many years of in doubt. If there is oil leakage from the static sealing point during the operation of the reducer,
The surface of the oil can be used to urgently repair the blocking agent, and then the purpose of eliminating oil leakage is achieved. MC series reducer is recommended to use the more sophisticated Megawell polymer composite technology.
Case 2: In April 2011, two technicians from the US representative office in Shandong, China visited a stainless steel branch of a steel group
Regarding the question of oil leakage from the reducer of the dephosphorization converter full suspension tilting equipment, teaching and correcting operations were conducted.
First of all, clean up the oil scale on the outside of the gearbox, eliminate the obstruction, and polish the surface of some oil-permeable contact surfaces.
Exposing the original color of the metal, clean it with absolute ethanol, and blend the Mika Hua polymer composite material 25551,
Quickly modify the contact surface of the oil leakage, and then coat the polymer rubber material 3223. Together, teach users proficiency in correction technology,
Deal with other leakage questions one by one.

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