Is the helical gear reducer easy to break?

Summary:Is the helical gear reducer easy to break? The biggest advantage of the helical gear reducer lies in...
Is the helical gear reducer easy to break?
The biggest advantage of the helical gear reducer lies in its high work efficiency, small size, light weight, large transmission torque, stable starting, and the connection method and installation position can be customized according to user needs.
The wear between the gears and the gears of the helical gear reducer, and the wear between the gears and the bearings is the main reason that affects its life. Therefore, the choice of materials determines the life of the helical gear reducer. Generally speaking, regular manufacturers will choose Wear-resistant materials, so we try to buy products from big manufacturers when choosing helical gear reducers.
The helical gear reducer should be smooth and flat between the gear and the bearing, which can reduce unnecessary frictional stress and prolong the service life of the reducer.
Regularly check the amount of lubricating oil of the helical gear reducer. When the amount of oil is insufficient, add lubricating oil of the same brand and type in time.
When assembling the reducer, operate according to the requirements in the manual, and try to avoid the reducer running in an environment with high humidity and corrosive gas. In the case of choosing a reducer, many customers do not know which series of reducers to choose, especially for beginners, and they also do not know the difference between the reducers. RV reducer is a new type of speed reducer that has been used continuously in recent years. Many friends do not know the difference between RV reducer and other reducers.
 Other reducer series products: single-pole and two-stage type. It's inconvenient, a little hard, and very durable. Self-locking effect, high transmission efficiency. Gasoline and diesel consumption is high, and maintenance is convenient. Mounting methods are horizontal and vertical, allowing immediate connection to the immediate motor. Because it is a pig iron series product, the heat rejection characteristics are slightly weaker. Type can immediately install electromagnetic clutch, brake motor, easy to use. Multi-directional, convenient customer selection and application.
 RV reducer series products: RV reducers are available in single pole and double pole, flange type, and can also be mounted on the shaft. With self-locking function, high transmission efficiency. Low consumption of gasoline and diesel, easy maintenance. The installation is extremely convenient, it is called universal, and it can be connected to the motor immediately. The output can be immediately connected with the motor of the double flange electromagnetic clutch braking system, which is widely used. The design scheme is beautiful and generous, small in size and durable.

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