How to take anti-rust protection measures for cycloid reducer

Summary:With the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years and the increase in the export vo...

With the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years and the increase in the export volume of the heavy machinery industry, the reducer industry, an important basic industry, has developed extremely rapidly. Reducer companies are expanding their scale of production and sales, and their processing capabilities and technical levels continue to improve. Cycloidal reducer is one of the most common reduction machinery, often used in petrochemical, food industry, mechanical processing and other industries, with high transmission efficiency and long service life. Everyone knows that the case body and internal gears of the cycloid reducer are made of cast iron or gear steel. If you do not pay attention to maintenance during use, the gear box will easily oxidize and rust over time, which will reduce its service life. So how do we prevent the reduction gearbox from rusting? Today I will give you a detailed explanation.
First of all, we have to figure out the reason for the rust of the reducer: the rust of the reducer is mainly caused by the presence of oxygen and water in the lubricating oil, while the corrosion is caused by the acid and sulfide in the oil. Anti-rust additives and anti-corrosion additives can be added to the oil, the purpose is to avoid the gear box rust.
In addition, we can also inject lubricating oil into the friction surface between the moving parts to form an oil film to prevent metal from contacting each other, reduce wear, and prevent the anti-rust layer from falling. Then pay attention to maintenance and keep the surface of the reducer clean and dry. Also, the reducer must be stored in a covered place, and it must be ventilated and protected from rain, sun, frost, and moisture. It must not be exposed to the open air, otherwise it is easy to produce condensation inside the reducer and make the reducer rust. When placed in a humid environment or stored for more than 6 months, special anti-rust measures should be taken, otherwise it is easy to cause corrosion damage to the reducer.
If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to start the reducer for a short time or crank more than one revolution every 3 weeks (after the output shaft rotates, the position of the input shaft cannot return to the same position before the rotation, so as to change the rolling element in the bearing. position). This can extend the service life of the gearbox and bring more benefits to users.
Rust will seriously affect the service life of the cycloid pinwheel reducer and reduce its use efficiency. Therefore, the reducer manufacturer recommends that we take the above-mentioned anti-rust measures before using it to ensure that the reducer can be used for a long time. If rust is found on the bearing or gear of the reducer, it should be removed in time, and the gearbox should be restored to a good condition by cleaning and maintaining it through targeted descaling methods.

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