How to solve the problem of hot when the cycloid pinwheel reducer is running

Summary:The cycloidal pinwheel reducer becomes hot during operation, which is a very serious problem. After ...

The cycloidal pinwheel reducer becomes hot during operation, which is a very serious problem. After a period of operation, due to overload, overspeed operation, improper use, the parts of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer are worn out, and the needle is not lubricated enough, etc. When the cycloid pin wheel reducer is running, it becomes hot and even smoke occurs. The damage rate increases and the power of the cycloid reducer decreases, which affects the normal operation of the cycloid reducer and reduces the working efficiency of the supporting equipment.
Causes and solutions of hot cycloidal reducer during operation

1. Long-term use of the unmatched cycloid pinwheel reducer with too little power is like a small horse-drawn cart. After a long time, it will definitely become hot. This solution is very simple. When matching the cycloid pinwheel reducer to the equipment, it must be equipped with a reducer with suitable power.
2. The lubricating grease used for the reducer is unreasonable, the quality of the lubricating grease is not good, or it is not matched, which can easily cause poor heat dissipation. In this case, try to choose regular and corresponding greases and add them frequently.
3. The pre-tightening force is too large and the clearance becomes smaller. This situation is generally caused by uneven pre-tightening force adjustment during installation. After stopping the machine in this case, readjust the pre-tightening force.
4. The quality of the reducer used is too poor, and some customers often buy some unknown-ranked cycloidal pinwheel reducers for cheap, resulting in hotness during use. This is also very easy to solve. When purchasing a cycloid pinwheel reducer, try to choose a reducer with a guaranteed brand.
5. Finally, whether there are unidentified particles or dust entering the cycloid reducer, this is generally caused by the production environment. Try to keep the environment around the reducer clean.



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