How to see the model of planetary reducer

Summary:During the ordering process of planetary reducer, there will be a series of model codes to indicate ...
During the ordering process of planetary reducer, there will be a series of model codes to indicate the model parameter configuration of this reducer. Different brands and model codes express different meanings, so what do you think of the model of planetary reducer? Taking several widely used planetary reducer brands as examples, I will introduce to you how to look at the models of planetary reducers.
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How to see the model of NEUGART planetary reducer
The NEUGART planetary reducer model covers the product model, structure size, speed ratio, locking system, output shaft specification, clearance, lubrication method and other information. Next, the PSN model will be used to introduce the NEUGART planetary reducer model in detail:
PSN090 represents the product series and structure, PSN is a series of NEUGART products, and 090 represents the product structure size. NEUGART reducer also has PLE, PLQE, PLPE and other series, and the structure size is 040, 064, 120 and so on.
005 represents the speed ratio of the product. The speed ratio range of NEUGART reducer is 3-512, which can also be customized for special needs.

This part indicates the configuration of the reducer, the first S indicates the return clearance; the second S indicates the lubrication method; the third S indicates the standard surface. K represents the output shaft specification, 3 represents the output flange specification, A represents the input system, and D represents the diameter of the locking system at the output end.
Z represents the input system specification, 11 represents the motor shaft diameter, 30 represents the maximum motor shaft length, 60 represents the positioning boss diameter, 75 represents the pitch circle diameter, B5 represents the motor flange type,
M5 represents the motor mounting thread, PK1 represents the pinion type, 20 represents the module, 18 represents the number of teeth, and S represents the gear type.
Usually the model of NEUGART reducer is the complete model to M5. Now some models of NEUGART can realize their own gears, so the related parameters of the gears follow.
The above is about the meaning of the NEUGART model. Usually, you can understand the parameter configuration of the reducer according to the model.

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