How to maintain the planetary gear reducer?

Summary:Planetary gear reducer is a widely used reduction equipment, which is widely used in mechanical equi...
Planetary gear reducer is a widely used reduction equipment, which is widely used in mechanical equipment, engineering construction, industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, smart home, smart drive and other fields. In daily operation and maintenance, there are mainly two maintenance directions, one Planetary gear reduction maintenance, two planetary gear reducer lubrication and maintenance.
Planetary gear reducer maintenance:
1. While keeping the planetary gear reducer clean, adjust and tighten loose parts in time to prevent loose parts from aggravating wear or causing parts to be lost.
2. At the end of the running-in period of the planetary gear reducer, the machine should be subject to mandatory maintenance, check and adjustment work, and pay attention to the replacement of oil.
3. For non-standard reducers, operators should receive training and guidance from the manufacturer, fully understand its structure and performance, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before operating non-standard reducers.
4. Pay attention to the workload during the running-in period. Generally, the workload during the running-in period should not exceed 85% of the rated workload, and an appropriate workload should be arranged to prevent overheating caused by the long-term continuous operation of the reducer.
5. Pay attention to frequent observation. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine in time to eliminate it. Before the cause is found and the fault is not eliminated, the operation should be stopped.
After understanding how to maintain the running-in period of the planetary gear reducer, I believe it will provide us with greater help in future use, which will be more conducive to our use and prolong its service life.

6. Listen to whether the driving sound of the planetary gear reducer is the same as usual, and whether there is any abnormal noise. If there is abnormal sound, we need to do further inspection; when the machine can be stopped, open the sight hole cover to check whether the lubrication condition and tooth surface contact are normal. If there is no obvious problem, then we will look at the deceleration Whether the coupling of the machine is normal, whether the connecting bolts of the foundation are loose, and there is no obvious problem in these, then we can touch the planetary gear reducer shell and bearing holes with hands, and whether the temperature rise of the end cover is obviously hotter than before. , As long as we do such a simple patrol work, it is impossible for our planetary gear reducer to strike in an instant.
Lubrication and maintenance of planetary gear reducer:
Fill the planetary gear reducer with the recommended type and value of grease. The planetary reducer is lubricated with lubricating oil. For vertically installed planetary gear reducers, since the lubricating oil may not be able to reliably lubricate the upper bearings, additional lubrication measures are used. Before running, inject an appropriate amount of lubricating oil into the planetary gear reducer, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil is selected according to the following list. Planetary reducers are usually equipped with oil filling holes and oil drain plugs. Therefore, the installation location must be specified when ordering a planetary gear reducer. The table below lists the recommended lubricant brands and types for general applications.

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