How to install the cycloid reducer?

Summary:Installation process device of cycloid pinwheel worm gear reducer:    1. When the reducer is calibra...

Installation process device of cycloid pinwheel worm gear reducer:
1. When the reducer is calibrated, it can be carried out with steel spacers or cast iron spacers. The height of the spacers is not more than three, and it can also be carried out with a contract iron, but the reducer should be replaced with flat spacers after calibration.
2. The configuration of the cushion block should avoid causing deformation of the machine body, and should be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the foundation bolts, and the mutual distance can be enough to allow the water slurry to circulate freely during irrigation.
3. When the reducer is installed on the foundation, the elevation of the installation center line of the reducer, the levelness and the related dimensions of the connected parts should be calibrated. Calibrate the concentricity of the active shaft and the passive shaft should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.
4. The irrigation of cement slurry should be dense, without bubbles, voids and other defects.
5. The shaft diameters of the output shaft and the input shaft are matched with GB1568-79.
6. It is not allowed to use direct hammering method when installing couplings, pulleys, sprocket and other coupling parts on the output shaft of the cycloid reducer, because the output shaft structure of the reducer cannot withstand the axial hammering force. You can use the shaft end screw hole to screw the screw into the coupling piece.

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