How to drive an AC motor

Summary: AC motors can also be called three-phase asynchronous motors, so what is a principle of AC motor st...
AC motors can also be called three-phase asynchronous motors, so what is a principle of AC motor starting? Each motor has different characteristics, so we can only explain from a specific motor, For example, the main feature of an asynchronous motor is that it uses a rotating magnetic field to replace the previous rotation. We all know the magnetic poles. In a three-phase asynchronous motor, we have a symmetrical three-phase AC connection.
This method of intervention we call the new connection method. The synthetic magnetic field generated by the three-phase current is a magnetic field that can exceed 360 degrees in the process of rotation. From this, we also know a pair of rotating magnetic fields, which is a set of three-phase symmetrical windings, and the symmetrical three-phase windings can have symmetrical three-phase currents in them.
In the three-phase winding of the stator, we pass a three-phase alternating current, so that a rotating magnetic field can be generated. When there is a rotating magnetic field, an induced current can be generated in the rotor conductor. At this time, the magnetic field is affected by the electromagnetic force again, so it can make the rotor in the motor rotate. This is also a basic principle of the most basic asynchronous motor to rotate.

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