How to choose the matching bearing for the cycloid reducer


Cycloidal pinwheel reducers are widely used in various […]

Cycloidal pinwheel reducers are widely used in various places, and have been loved by a wide range of people, so how should we choose when choosing matching bearings?
1. The device size of the bearing of the cycloid reducer. The bore diameter of the inner ring of the bearing is determined according to the diameter of the shaft, but its outer diameter and width are related to the bearing example.
2. The rigidity of the bearing is the same. Under normal circumstances, the elastic deformation of the rotating bearing under load is very huge. However, for some delicate machines, the huge elastic deformation of the bearing will affect the quality of its work. At this time, rigidity should be used. Higher bearings. The rigidity of the roller bearing is higher than that of the ball bearing, because the war between the roller and the raceway is a line war.

3. The deflection of the load and the size of the load are the factors that should be considered first when choosing the bearing example of the cycloid reducer. When the load is large, the roller bearing with line warping should be used, and the ball bearing should be selected first when the load is medium and small. When the shaft is subjected to pure radial load, deep groove ball bearings should be selected first; when subjected to pure axial loads and the speed is not high, thrust bearings should be selected.

4. The self-aligning function of the bearing When the center line of the shaft is different from the center line of the bearing seat, or the shaft is bent or inclined after being stressed, the self-aligning ball bearing can be used.
5. The speed of the bearing The speed of the bearing should be lower than its limit speed. If the speed is higher than the limit speed, due to the centripetal force, heat and vibration of the rotating body, the life of the bearing of the cycloid reducer will be significantly reduced. Generally, the limiting speed of ball bearings is higher than that of roller bearings; the limiting speed of ultra-light, extra-light, and light series bearings is higher than that of normal series.
6. The friction torque of the bearing can meet the requirements of the friction torque. When only radial load is applied, deep groove ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings can be selected; when only axial load is applied, one-way thrust ball bearings can be selected.

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