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 The cycloid reducer is suitable for 24 hours continuous production, and allows forward and reverse operation. The rotation of the output shaft of the single-stage cycloid reducer is opposite to that of the input shaft, and the rotation of the output shaft of the double-stage cycloid reducer is the same as that of the input shaft. The output shaft of the cycloid reducer cannot bear axial force. In situations where overload may occur, an overload protection device should be installed. The foot plate type horizontal cycloid reducer should be installed on a very solid horizontal foundation without vibration. In the use occasions that must be installed obliquely, the inclination of the axis line of the reducer shall not be greater than ±15. When the flange type vertical cycloid reducer is installed, the output shaft is vertically downward. When the cycloid reducer is connected with the gear and the sprocket, the parallelism of the axis lines of the two must be ensured. If it is necessary to use other special installation forms other than the foot-plate horizontal installation and flange-type vertical installation, corresponding lubrication and sealing measures must be taken to ensure that the reducer is sufficiently lubricated to prevent oil leakage. When a coupling is used to connect the cycloid reducer with the matching machinery, an elastic coupling is recommended. When the cycloid reducer is installed, it can be adjusted by using pads. The height of the pads does not exceed three pieces, and can also be adjusted with wedge iron, but the cycloid reducer must be replaced with flat pads after calibration.

   In the occasion of high impact, vibration or frequent starting, the machine base and foundation need not only be connected with foot bolts, but also need to be fixed with positioning pins (self-provided). The shaft extension of the input shaft and output shaft of the standard cycloid reducer are cylindrical, and they are connected by ordinary flat keys. The tolerance of shaft diameter is h6. Ordinary flat key size according to GB1096-79? Ordinary flat key type size? Provisions. The connecting flange spigot is matched according to GB1801-79 (h9). When the cycloid reducer is connected with the matching mechanical coupling, the coaxiality of the two axis lines shall not exceed the allowable range of the coupling. When using a sprocket for transmission, do not loosen the toothed chain too much, otherwise impact will be generated when starting. When connecting couplings, gears, sprockets and other couplings to the output shaft of the cycloid reducer, direct hammering must not be used. The bolts should be screwed in through the screw holes at the shaft extension and pressed in through the pressure plate. After installation, the cycloid reducer must be tested and run before it is put into use. Under normal no-load operation, load and operate gradually.

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