How to choose the planetary gear reducer


Planetary gear reducer is the most important type of re […]

Planetary gear reducer is the most important type of reducer for matching servo motor. When selecting planetary gear reducer, first determine the reduction ratio of the reducer. If the standard reducer does not have the reduction ratio you need, please choose close or customize. Reducer.
After determining the reduction ratio, please multiply the rated torque of the servo motor you selected by the reduction ratio. The value is in principle smaller than the rated output torque of the similar reducer supplied on the product catalog, and also the overload of the drive motor. The maximum working torque required in the ability and in practice. The maximum working torque required is to be marked at 2 points of the rated output torque. After satisfying the above conditions, please select the reducer with the smallest volume, and the reducer with a small volume is relatively low cost.
Next, consider the return clearance of the planetary gear reducer. The smaller the backlash, the higher the accuracy and the higher the cost. The user has to choose a gearbox that meets the accuracy requirements of the series. Also consider lateral/radial forces and average life. The reducer with large lateral/radial force is highly reliable in installation and use, and is not prone to problems. Usually the average life is much longer than the life of the servo motor.


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