Advantages and Application of Helical Gear Reducer

Summary:With the continuous optimization of manufacturing technology and higher requirements for the corresp...
With the continuous optimization of manufacturing technology and higher requirements for the corresponding numerical control technology, the helical gear reducer is a common high-precision reducer among the reducer types. Helical gear reducer is widely used in laser cutting machine, machining center, medical equipment and other industries due to its high precision, high load and low noise. With the current technology and corresponding standards, helical gear reducer has more advantages in continuous improvement and optimization.

Helical gear reducer has good meshing performance, and its transmission will be stable and the noise will be low during operation due to the uninterrupted link between the teeth.

The coincidence between gears will be large, reducing the load between gears and improving the bearing capacity of gears

The helical gear in the helical gear reducer can be regarded as a group of cylindrical gears misplaced, so that when each tooth contacts, it contacts different parts of the tooth profile, resulting in errors between each slice. This compensation is very effective.

After precision machining, the requirements for shaft parallelism and positioning bearing are ensured, and helical gear set is formed. With its high meshing and high-precision planetary gear set operation, the product quality is guaranteed.

According to different aperture and output attack rate, the application field is also different. High power helical gear reducer is widely used in printing, automatic industrial equipment, steel, aviation and other fields. Low power is widely used in electronic products, robots, printing equipment, mechanical automation and other fields.

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